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Africa Investors Eye Kenya Under New Regime

Kenya, which is largely an agricultural country, relies heavily on agriculture for both sustainability of food and of income. Before then, Kenya imported most of its fertilizers from Russia.

Millers warn of flour crisis as NCPB delays persist

Kenyans risk running out of flour in the next couple of days following maize shortage in the market and the delays by National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) in releasing stocks that millers have already paid for. In the same vein, livestock farmers would be...

Uncertainty looms over stability of Sh75 for unga

Grain millers say prevailing economic forces make maintaing the price of unga at Ksh75 untenable

Ruto promises tough action on corrupt individuals

Deputy President calls on the Director of Public Prosecution and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to move fast and bring the suspects to book

Heads roll as fresh maize scandal hits NCPB

Decision to replace Newton Terer as Managing Director came after the Board moved to address an audit report looking into maize purchase and operational issues on the distribution of subsidized fertilizer

Good news for maize farmers as Govt procures fertilizer

Agriculture Principal Secretary Richard Lesiyampe said the subsidized fertilizer's price has been reduced by 33.3% from Ksh 1, 800 last year to Ksh 1, 200 per bag