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Diminishing land parcels force Maasais into beekeeping

The Maasai community is traditionally known to keep cows, goats and sheep. However, with the changing realities, it is slowly embracing other ventures, including commercial bee farming. The  practice of keeping livestock in large numbers is slowly dying out following the demarcation of communal land...

Maasai traditional wedding remains a jewel

The Maasai community is renowned the world over for its culture. The Maasai culture is unique and very interesting and attracts many peoples, both locals and foreigners. While some cultural practices have become outdated the iconic Maasai traditional wedding ceremony is one elaborate and culturally...

Dream come true for young lawyer who escaped early marriage

Josephine Rokiten wanted her to get married at the age of 16 but she escaped to a pastor's home seeking help as he was determined to complete her studies. She is a Kabarak University law graduate

Dar to auction 10,000 Ugandan, Rwandan head of cattle

Livestock and Fisheries Minister Luhaga Mpina said the cattle would be sold in a similar manner as the ones recently seized from Kenyans on the Tanzania-Kenya border

Uhuru to pay dowry to the Maasai in grand traditional ceremony

During the First World War, the late Mzee Kenyatta was advised to hide in Narok to avoid being recruited into the British army after his elder brother, Kung’u, was conscripted in 1914