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Pathologists Lancet Kenya Opens 2 More Branches

Pathologists Lancet Kenya Opens 2 More Branches In Nairobi and Mombasa

Lancet Confirms New Managing Director

“We are delighted to confirm the appointment of Musunga as the managing director who will continue to lead the company. Under her leadership, we will be able to widen our network, catering to more patients and partnering with more hospitals, increasing access to quality and affordable tests, and consequently improving the healthcare of the communities we serve,” said Chair to the Board of Directors, Stéphane Carré.

Irreplaceable CEO? Lancet Appoints 3 People to Take Over from Kalebi

Kalebi's official title was Group Managing Director, CEO and Chief Consultant Pathologist - highlighting the different roles he took on at the organization. The roles will now be split between Mwende Musunga as Group CEO, Matthieu Goge as Group Managing Director and Dr. Charles Wahome as Chief Consultant Pathologist.

Lancet CEO Kalebi Wants Ksh2 Billion to Walk Away from Firm He Built

In 2009, Kelebi was instrumental in founding Lancet Kenya, an off-shoot of its South African parent company. It operated under Pathologist Lancet Kenya (PLK) and Lancet Services Company (LSC), of which Kelebi reportedly owns 7.67 per cent and 10 per cent respectively.

Mother forcefully separates her daughter from the Kakamega twins

Drama unfolded as Nairobi mom who raised one of the Kakamega twins decided to separate her daughter from them after forcefully taking back Mevis Imbaya, her biological daughter. Accompanied by Police officers, Mrs Angeline Omina took away her daughter as relatives of the identical twins...

DNA confirms controversial Kakamega twins are blood sisters

DNA results of the two controversial Kakamega sisters have confirmed that they are indeed blood sisters. Sharon Mitekwa and Melon Lutenyo are indeed sisters who were separated at birth. According to the analysis conducted by Lancet Kenya (PLK), Sharon and Melon share identical DNA profiles with...