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Mother forcefully separates her daughter from the Kakamega twins

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Drama unfolded as Nairobi mom who raised one of the Kakamega twins decided to separate her daughter from them after forcefully taking back Mevis Imbaya, her biological daughter.

Accompanied by Police officers, Mrs Angeline Omina took away her daughter as relatives of the identical twins were preparing to meet Governor Wycliffe Oparanya accompanied with the girls.

Mrs Omina, who raised one of the twins, accused the relatives of the twins for piling pressure on Mevis to continue living with Mrs Rosemary Onyango, the mother of the twins at their home in Fufural, Likuyani Sub-County.

A relative of the twins, Mr Shem Abuti, was shoved and roughed up while trying to stop police officers from handing over Mevis to her mother. He told reporters that the girls had made a decision to continue staying together after the DNA results were released.

“The girls have expressed the wish to continue staying together after the release of the DNA results but we read mischief in the decision by the mother of Imbaya to forcefully take away her daughter,” said Mr Abuti.

The girls’ decision to continue staying together, however, would leave Mrs Omina with no daughter to stay with in Nairobi. She was not for this idea hence seeking the police’s help to take in her biological daughter.

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DNA results of the two controversial Kakamega sisters released last Saturday confirmed that they are indeed blood sisters separated at birth.

According to the analysis conducted by Lancet Kenya (PLK), Sharon and Melon share identical DNA profiles with 23 allelic loci tested showing 100 per cent perfect match which is consistent with the two being biologically identical twins.

The DNA results also revealed that Rosemary Onyango, the lady who was raising Melon in Kakamega as the blood mother of the twins. Melvis Imbaya, who was living with Melon in Kakamega as fraternal twins, was confirmed to be the daughter of Angeline Omina and Wilson Lutah who raised Sharon in Nairobi.

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Sharon and Melon had amazed Kenyans with their striking resemblance in April despite never meeting for 19 years as they were raised by different mothers. Seemingly, most Kenyans who suspected that Sharon and Melon were blood sisters were actually right.

Angeline and Rosemary went into labour around the same time and were both admitted at Kakamega Hospital. Rosemary was told she gave birth to two baby girls who she named Melvis and Melon while Angeline gave birth to one girl who she named Sharon.

Two decades later, Sharon and Melon bumped into each other on social media and had a lot of questions to ask regarding their striking resemblance. They organized to meet and their story made news headlines as Kenyans were shocked on hearing their story.

Before the results came out, both parents admitted that the incidence will change the girls’ lives forever whether or not they are blood sisters.

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