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CBK Signals Drop In Cost Of Living, Retains Interest Rate At 10.5%

The Central Bank of Kenya Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has retained the Central Bank rate (CBR), Kenya’s signal interest rate at 10.5%, citing a fairly stable inflation regime.

Pain At The Kitchen As Prices Of Cooking Oil Shoot By 47 Percent

The price of cooking oil increased by 47 percent between December 2020 and December 2021, according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS). According...

Food Prices Remain High Despite Economic Recovery Measures By Gov’t

Food inflation remained elevated at 10.6 percent in October, mainly due to the impact of depressed rainfall on some food items. This is according...

Inflation Jumps for the First Time Since April, Here’s Why

It marked the end of a five-month disinflation trend, where the cost of common user goods and services kept going down month on month.

Kenya’s Bright Economic Future Despite Current Inadequate Money Supply

Investment has been low in sectors with greater capacity to absorb labour

Billionaire Retailer Whose Shops Had No Stock

Luiza would deliver orders to homes from a network of nationwide distribution depots

World Bank Thinks You’re Less Poorer Than 4 Years Ago

The institution also poured cold water on Kenya’s ambitious budget projections

Man Hit Hard By Hen’s Death Holds its Funeral

In an economy where the majority of people are poor and live on less than a dollar a day, losing a hen valued at about Ksh600 can be a painful experience.

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Whipped and Stripped! A Survivor’s Tale of Harrowing Brutality in a Mental Hospital

The lack of a long-term vision and inadequate resourcing of mental hospital infrastructures continues to take a toll on Kenya’s mentally ill patients.

Dubai Agency Picks Top Influencer Marketers to Lead Kenyan Operation

This strategic move is in line with indaHash vision to cement its presence in Africa, following its impactful footprint in South Africa since 2017 and successful collaborations with clients like the South African Tourism Board.

SportPesa to reward Customers in Cash-Filled Festive Promotion

Running from December 4th to 25th, the SportPesa campaign promises daily excitement with six lucky winners expected to walk away with Ksh5,000 daily.

Captain William Ruto: President’s Namesake With a Decorated Career

Captain William Kipkemboi Ruto is officially known by the name William Ruto, which also happens to be President William Samoei Ruto’s official name.