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Kenyans Reject IMF Loans in Attempt to Curb Corruption

At the close of April, the Ministry of Health had spent Ksh1.3 billion even though the approved budget was Ksh976.8 million. In similar regard, a report by Auditor General Nancy Gathungu revealed how Ksh2.3 billion was lost in procuring Covid-19 medical supplies.

IMF Approves Sh78.3bn Loan For Kenya Despite Accounting Inconsistencies

Ministry of Health (MoH) has recently found itself in a storm over failure to account for COVID-19 millions

IMF Says Kenya’s Debt Levels Still Within ‘Moderate’ Range

IMF keeps changing tune on the health of Kenya's economy

Ugali, Chapati May Become a Luxury if Kenya Implements IMF Proposals to Increase Prices

Increasing unga prices in Kenya may bring the country to the brink akin to the 2007 violence.

Kenya’s Wealthiest Families Calling the Shots in Politics

Due to the secrecy surrounding this family’s wealth, it is safe to say that the numbers could be grossly understated

CBK Governor accuses IMF of using Kenya as foreign exchange formula ‘guinea pig’

Dr Patrick Njoroge says the IMF used a new methodology that has only been in place since 2015 to reach that conclusion