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Govt Sets Conditions For Reopening Universities

Universities directed to prepare for possible return to normalcy beginning September

Mr President, We Don’t Trust You to Help Kenyans

Many well-wishers feel that the government is seeking to profiteer from the calamity.

Government freezes development projects as cash crunch bites

A day after President Uhuru Kenyatta told off governors over their protests sparked by a stalemate over division of revenue between the national and county governments, the national government is set to cut down on development projects as an austerity measure to protect an...

Edward Odundo: Pension funds can be invested in infrastructure

According to data from the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA), the pension industry’s assets hit Sh 1.2 trillion in September, 2018, up from Sh 1.08 trillion in December 2017 and Sh 912.66 billion in 2016. With limited investment vehicles for this money there arises a need...

What can’t you access without a Huduma Namba?

From 2nd April to 25th May 2019, most Kenyans’ worries were how to acquire a Huduma Namba. Even though the government said that Huduma Namba registration was not compulsory, most people went ahead to acquire one as they figured they’d need it sooner or...

How the government plans to stop abandonment of expensive projects

A huge number of capital intensive projects end up being abandoned