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Gina Din Lands Top Continental PR Job

Din is the founder of Gina Din Corporate Communications, which she established in 1997 after leaving her position at Barclays Bank after more than 12 years as the lender's Communications Manager in Kenya. In 2020, Gina Din Corporate Communications was acquired by US-based Edelman Global Communications for an undisclosed fee.

Raila’s Dream Team: PR Queen Gina Din Wooed

Her firm Gina Din Corporate Communications was acquired in 2019 by Edelman Global Communications.

PR Queen Gina Din: How I Quit Lucrative Job to Build My Empire [VIDEO]

Most of her colleagues at Barclays spent most of their professional careers rising through the ranks at the bank. They were comfortable, she explained, due to the high salaries and perks that came with the job including cheap loans.

Gina Din Receives Global Award For Outstanding Achievement

SABRE Awards are the world’s largest public relations awards recognising superior achievement in branding and reputation across the globe.

Gina Din lands major deal with Economist Group

Prominent public relations practitioner Ms Gina Din- Kariuki has made a major comeback after her firm won a deal to server as media representatives for The Economist Group in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Equatorial Guinea. "It is an honour for us to represent...

Gina Din picks former radio presenter as CEO

With over 20 years work experience, Lorna is well-versed in media and event management, crisis communication, strategy, and brand development