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Nutritional Shock: Eating Fish Linked To Skin Cancer Risk

A new study in Cancer Causes and Control could just burst the long-held belief. The study suggests a link between eating fish and skin cancer, particularly since the biggest known risk factor for melanoma is not dietary ­— it’s sun exposure.  

Kenya’s Meat Market Demands Dictating What Butcheries Offer

In July this year, an exposé by NTV revealed that meat sold in local markets was laced with dangerous chemicals to make it look fresh for longer. While the preservative use is not in itself a criminal offence, the amounts used raised eyebrows and...

Inspiring lessons from teacher who sells fish

Using Facebook and Instagram, he is slowly but surely building an empire in the food business

Insect that beats fish in nutritional value

A research by a Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) student has discovered that some insects are rich in nutritional value and recommends uptake of these tiny creatures. Studies undertaken in Uasin Gishu by Caroline Koech found that crickets and other edible insects...