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OLX tightens verification process for electronic sellers

Since the process begun, 40% of electronic sellers on the platform have already submitted their permits

Electronics stock goes down as elections fever takes toll

According to the research conducted last month, electronic dealers are not restocking deciding to adopt a wait and see attitude in the wake of the 2017 elections.

Anti-counterfeit agency destroys goods worth Sh24 million

They ranged from ball bearings used in all moving parts, electronics, electrical goods, clothing, cosmetics/detergents, petroleum products, and vehicle spare parts

Samsung and Hisense TV brands lose market edge

A recent study by Data Fintech – a consumer data vendor – shows that over the last six months Samsung and Hisense Tvs popularity has been eroded after enjoying the top positions in November 2016. Samsung is down 60%, while Hisense has dropped 72%, according...