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Cold Wàr Between Media Council And Journalists’ Welfare Officials Boils Over

The bad PR between MCK, the media industry regulator, on one side, and the Kenya Editors Guild (KEG), a professional body bringing together editors, and the Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ), on the other, has set former journalists who now work for MCK up against former colleagues heading these two organisations.

Media Council Fee Waiver Saves Media Houses Sh10 Million in Fees

The decision to implement the waiver was reached during a Special Council Meeting on Friday 5th June, 2020 where the governing body of the MCK.

Sh100 Million Boost for Small Radio and TV Stations

Challenges brought about by Covid-19 have strained media houses and the grant will reach more than 129 community radio and 25 TV stations.

Former Newspaper Editor Picked to Head Media Council

The Council comes into office at a time when Media Council is rolling out a Strategic Plan that aims at achieving milestone goals for the media regulator.

Regulator’s Plea to Lift the Veil on Secret Media Owners

Media Council CEO David Omwoyo says there is need to who owns the dog for Kenyans to know if the dog is barking at the right thief

Milele FM risks ban over airing of sexual content

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has threatened to ban a popular Milele FM show for airing obscene content. According to the council, Francis Luchivya and Jacquey Nyaminde popularly known as Wilbroda, who host the MileleDrive evening show, have on various occasions acted in violation...