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Kenya’s economic growth expected to range between 5.7%- 5.9% in 2019

Cytton says country’s macroeconomic environment is positive, adding a stable currency, inflation rates within the government’s target, and stable interest rates in 2019 will boost progress

Why Kenyatta family undervalued Jamii Bora Bank

The bank has been hunting for a strategic partner for the last one year but most of those interested were put off by its financial situation

Why Coca-Cola may accept lower bids for Upper Hill office block

Cytton Investments cites, among others, unavailability of social amenities such as shopping malls in Upperhill, unlike other growing business nodes such as Westlands, Lavington and Karen

Banks rendered 1,620 workers jobless in 2017

During the same period, 39 branches were closed with Bank of Africa closing the most branches at 12 followed by Eco Bank at 9, Equity Group and Barclays closed 7, while Standard Chartered closed four branches

Kenya’s retail sector bullish in 2018, analysts say

Last week, Tuskys announced a three-year plan to increase its foothold by 56.3% to 100 new stores in Kenya and Uganda by 2020, from 64 stores presently