Tag: Coronavirus

Lower Covid-19 Infections Raise Hope For a Jittery Nation

Latest covid-19 figures are music to Kenyans jittery about their lives and livelihoods as well as a government.

Working From Home is Easier Said Than Done: Here’s How To

Employers need to recognise the benefits of allowing their staff to work from home for the arrangement to work seamlessly

Ksh 63.9 Million Relief Fund to Benefit SMEs in Kenya

The fund will help social enterprises sustain a longer period of low economic activity

Bank Commits Sh100 Million to COVID-19 Emergency Response

The contribution by NCBA will go towards humanitarian support for the vulnerable members of the Kenyan society.

Safaricom Making Billions From COVID-19 as Lockdown Takes Root

For Netflix, this is the equivalent of 20,000 movies streaming at the same second.

Mr President, We Don’t Trust You to Help Kenyans

Many well-wishers feel that the government is seeking to profiteer from the calamity.