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Celebrity blind musician exposes heartless leaders and institutions

Allow me to be candid. I am blind and it is hard making it in Kenya, no matter how qualified, gifted, blessed or otherwise. I am not talking about the usual things one has to contend with every day such as stereotyping and stigmatization. I...

For this couple, love is not blind

As the world marked Valentine's Day on Wednesday, visually challenged Joseph Mwaniki decided to surprise his blind wife of 27 years, Janet Nduku, by giving her a bouquet of flowers and professing his undying love for her at their Kiandutu slums home as a...

A blind MCA with a great vision

My family abandoned me because I could not help in looking after livestock. I ended up as a street boy in Kakuma town

Posta turns a blind eye to the visually impaired

The visually impaired will have to pay 50% more when sending braille materials to Europe and the United States, in the newly revised postage rates. The new rates, announced by Postmaster-General Dan Kagwe on Tuesday, will hit hard at a disadvantaged group at a time...