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Apple Steps Up Market Assault With Mono-Brand Store in Nairobi

The refit, worth $50,000 (Ksh5 million) was fully funded by Apple through Redington, Apple’s Independent Value Added Distributor for Africa.

You Can Turn that ‘Useless Degree’ into a Job Creation Tool

Why should one invest in a degree course costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and time for it to remain a decoration in the house?

Apple drops iPhone sales bombshell

CEO Tim Cook told investors that the company expects revenue to stand at approximately $84 billion with a gross margin of approximately 38%

iPhones banned in China, but Apple refuses to play ball

If you want the iPhone 6S or the iPhone X, you better make sure you don't intend on purchasing these Apple products in China. Along with five other iPhone models, the Apple smartphones have been temporarily banned in China after a court granted an injunction...

Smartphone market struggling as Huawei retains 2nd spot over Apple

Global shipment of handsets declines for the fourth consecutive quarter as Samsung and China also struggle

Did Apple force teenagers to make Apple Watch?

iTech giant facing allegations of forced labour in its production of a popular product