Raila acquires ‘presidential flag and sword’ ahead of swearing in

Mutahi Ngunyi claims NASA leader has put in place elaborate plans to take over government from January 30th as the duly elected president of Kenya

A controversial political analyst claims that the planned swearing in tomorrow of Raila Odinga as the People’s President will turn into a coup if the government is not careful.

Mutahi Ngunyi, a disgraced political analyst whose word is nonetheless closed watched, claims that the NASA leader has put in place elaborate plans to take over government from January 30th as the duly elected president of Kenya.

Speaking in his weekly YouTube TV programme The Fifth Estate, he claims through his analysts that Raila, who successfully petitioned against the President Uhuru’s win on 8th August 2017, has acquired a presidential standard of flag from France and a golden sword from Dubai. “These will be his instruments of power as legitimate president of Kenya,” he says, in what is bound to draw heated reactions from the NASA wing and Raila supporters.

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In his latest Fifth Estate, which was aired on K24 TV last evening, Mutahi Ngunyi says the funny part of the whole swearing-in drama is the Attorney General Githu Muigai warning Raila of treason. “It’s like warning a man with a gun your head that if you kill me I will arrest you,” he says while calling for stiffer action against Raila. “That’s not clever.”

They claim that Raila has asked the armed forces to switch loyalty to him after he is installed as the legitimate president. Ngunyi claims that after being sworn in, Raila will take off to a secret location where he will form a government in exile.

“If it walks like a coup, quacks like a coup,” one of the Fifth Estate analysts states, “It is a coup,” he says.


The analysis says the coup makers of August election, including Chief Justice David Maraga, have some unfinished business with Uhuru. “The coup makers are still with us. They were not fixed. They were not dealt with. The government moved on as if nothing had happened,” he says. “And these coup makers are boiling from the underground.”

He continues to say: “What we don’t know is if they are part of the January coup, but what we know is that once a coup maker always a coup maker. For instance, Maraga said he cannot stop his judges from swearing in Raila and therefore gave them the licence to participate in the coup.”

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He says the swearing is a new vehicle for “the coup that was started by Maraga last year,” adding that the famous Maraga ruling was the work of political engineering: there was going to be caretaker government with Maraga its head.

Ngunyi concludes with a chilly analysis: “Uhuru should show Raila no mercy to Raila because Raila will show him none. His security should be withdrawn and passports should be taken away the way (President Daniel) Moi used to do it and paralysed. If not Raila will force a care-taker government – at zero-options.”

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