NTV news anchor Mark Masai. Nation Media Group (NMG) is reviewing the salaries of its staff closer to normal positions following positive correction of its revenues.

Nation Media Group (NMG) staff are set to for a salary review following positive correction of the media stable’s financial performance, Chief Executive Stephen Gitagama said on Friday.

In an announcement, Gitagama said staffers would get back a portion of what they lost depending on their employment status after their salaries were cut earlier this year due to the economic impact of COVID-19.

Gitagama in his statement communicated that staff currently on a salary reduction ranging from 5% to 10%, will now be on full pay.

“Staff on salary reduction ranging from 15% to 35% will get a reprieve of 10%; for example, those on 15% reduction will go to 5%. This is effective from the December 2020 payroll,” the statement explained.

NMG just like all other media houses in the country announced pay cuts following the o******k of COVID-19 which severely affected the company’s revenue.

In July, the company axed approximately 50 employees including presenters Ken Mijungu and Harith Salim as its revenues took a beating from the virus.

Fast forward to now, the company feels it is in better shape to revert back to normal terms with Gitagama thanking employees for persevering through the hard times.

He also thanked them for participating in the company’s rebranding exercise that saw the company switch to Nation. Africa.

“However, in the face of this adversity, I saw something incredible in all of us – we all came together, marshaled all our strength and f******g spirit, started doing what is necessary, then did what is possible, and steadily moved the performance needle from negative to a gradual positive recovery.

“On behalf of the board and management, I express my deepest gratitude for your passion, diligence, and unwavering commitment during this p******c,” Gitagama posed.

The pay cuts were not just a media industry problem, the issue cut across all sectors of the economy with some industries such as the aviation and horticulture industries having to let go of staff en masse or cutting salaries up to 50% for junior and mid-level staff and 70% for senior management.

Standard Group and Royalmedia Services (RMS) also announced pay cuts for its staff after being affected by the virus.

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