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The reason online shopping is growing rapidly is that life these days is very busy.  There was a time when we used to spend hours shopping in offline stores, but now things have completely changed.

Nearly everyone prefers shopping online as it is one of the fastest and time-saving means.

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One of the important factors boosting online shopping is increased internet access. Most of the people are equipped with smart devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets. So browsing the web isn’t a problem anymore.

Shopping online can be considered as a smart choice as it gives one the option of making a purchase while sitting at their offices and homes.  You really don’t have to go a brick and mortar shop and spend hours of searching here and there because everything you need is at your fingertips.

Kenya has undoubtedly changed the face of e-commerce as now you find several online shopping websites on the search engine. These e-stores offer all kinds of local and international products ranging from apparel, jewelry, mobile phones, computers, confectionary items, automotive parts, beauty products, books, toys and electronics etc.

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The process involved in it is quite easy and fun. All you have to do is simply select your desired product and leave rest of the responsibility on the company from which you have ordered from. What happens next is that you will get an order confirmation call and an email to verify all details regarding your purchase. After that your order is delivered to you via a trusted logistics service and voila! You have it in your hands.

I prefer online stores over regular shopping means. First, your favourite goodies are on sale and there are chances of ending up with huge discounts. I’d rather be doing something productive than opening a never ending debate with a shopkeeper. Why waste hard earned cash and fuel when you can simply have it where and when you want it.

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Call it the expansion of the global marketplace or an e-commerce outreach programme, web purchases have taken over the customary modes of shopping in the true sense. This innovative concept might sound a bit insecure to some. And that is why most of the online stores are offering safe payment methods like cash on delivery.

Bernard Muiru is the Digital Marketing Officer at Kilimall International. Email: [email protected]



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