Boy killed for allegedly stealing Ksh20

A boy was k****d by the irate mother for allegedly s******g Ksh20 at lower Kipkaren village, Ng’enyilel location, bordering Kakamega and Uasin gishu Counties. According to the area chief, Sammy Tororei, a 32 year old woman, Jennifer Mutenyo, went berserk upon learning that the money was m*****g on Wednesday evening.

Fearing the wrath of his enraged mother, the 11-year-old took off and slept in the neighborhood surfacing on Thursday morning to get ready for school.

But before he left the mother pounced with a wooden plank hitting him several times k*****g him.

The body of the class one pupil at Lower Kipkaren Primary School was found by suspicious neighbours who stormed the house. It was covered with a blanket. “I uncovered him and when I touched his body it was cold and I took it outside only to discover that he was d**d,” said Mrs. Carolyne Barsa, a neighbor.

The residents pounced on the woman, baying for her b***d but she was rescued by members of Nyumba Kumi who frog matched her to Kipkaren Administration Police Camp while the body was removed to Chebaiywa mortuary for p*********m.




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