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MKU, Meru University First To Register With Kenya National Qualifications Authority

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The Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) has accredited, Mount Kenya University and Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST), becoming the first universities to undergo the crucial process. The two have also registered their national qualifications with the authority.

Meanwhile, the National Industrial Training Authority was accredited as a centre for enhancing skills by developing curricula and regulating industrial training, while Bandari Maritime Academy was accredited as a centre of excellence for skills development for the blue economy.

Out of the total 728 accreditation certificates, NITA was awarded the most (416). Mount Kenya University received 198, while MUST and Bandari Academy received 92 and 22 certificates, respectively.

KNQA chairperson, Dr Kilemi Mwiria, said accreditation will help rid the country of fake certificates. To enhance this, Dr Mwiria said KNQA is in the process of establishing the Kenya National Learners Records Database and creating the Kenya Credit Accumulation and Transfer System.

The target is to establish the learning curve of learners and offer verification of qualifications through the National Qualification Information Management System (NAQIMS), which was rolled out within the year.

NAQIMS has automated the process of accreditation and registration of national qualifications countrywide. This will provide analytics on qualification turnover, student dropout rates, completion rates, preferred qualifications, number of graduates and any other desired descriptive statistics.

He explained that besides working to ensure that all qualifications awarded meet expectations of employers, the authority is pursuing new policies to support assessment of learners.

However, he said that some institutions are yet to register their national qualifications with the authority, noting that they were in breach of the law.

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