Little CEO Kamal Budhabhatti at the launch of Little Super App
Little CEO Kamal Budhabhatti. [Photo/ Courtesy]

Little has announced a revamp of its app to include features that address fast changing technological needs in the Kenyan market.

Speaking in Nairobi on Tuesday, Little Chief Executive Officer Mr Kamal Budhabhatti noted most companies are looking for a one-stop-shop for different services to save time and reduce paperwork which comes with for instance the preparation of invoices for different vendors.

“At a click of a button, one can now access cutting-edge services in transport, parcel delivery, entertainment and e-wallet. Following the lessons from Covid-19, companies are turning to technology for different purposes, at Little innovation is at the core of our work and we are filling in by providing a one-stop platform for different services,” says Mr Budhabhatti.

“We have upgraded the Little App from just offering the ride-hailing services to a one-stop shop now addressing different challenges companies face, the added features are a plus to our over 1,200 customers and others aspiring to join us,” he added.

Launched six years ago as a company that only offered a platform for users to connect with taxi services, Little has evolved to offer a number of services to suit the needs and wants of different customers.

Migrating from Little Cab to little app, the platform has allowed different users to access services from different portfolios available on the platform. The main divisions under the retail category is transport, delivery services, entertainment and e-Wallet.

Speaking during the event, Safaricom Chief Business Officer Chris Senanu noted that Super App such as the Little App is the way forward.

“The partnerships and ecosystem created by the new apps is important to our current world, this is best lesson of entrepreneurship,” he noted.

Transitioning from the retail front Little has expanded to offer a wide variety of corporate services such as parcel, shuttle, and utility services and staff attendance. On top of hailing of taxi services, there are various services a corporate is able to enjoy.

Corporate Parcel

Firms can now utilize courier services from delivering parcels that weigh as low as one kg to products that weigh a tone. The services allow corporates to send goods outside of Nairobi while still offering postpaid services.

Corporate Shuttle
Regardless of the number of employees, Little’s shuttle services allow various capacities from a seven-seater, 33, 52 and 61 seater. Companies are allowed to enjoy the luxuries of Range Rovers, Landcruisers and Outlanders.

Corporate Utility Services
The portal offers a one-stop-shop for all essentials that corporates may require. Ability to enjoy vast services through one application such as paying for electricity, airtime, water, cable TV services and much more. Corporates may enjoy the above services at an interest rate of less than one percent as their bills consolidated to one.

Staff Attendance
The biometric system of employees checking in was greatly affected, hence Little developed a QR code that allows employees to scan their attendance whilst coming into the office and leave. The staff attendance feature allows employees to track their logging in and out for various activities such as meetings amongst many.

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