James Mwangi Woos Elon Musk With DRC Offer

Mwangi's new comments echo sentiments he shared at the Africa CEO Forum earlier in 2022 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He explained his confidence in the DRC market despite challenges such as poor infrastructure, noting the size of the market and natural resources that present numerous opportunities in agriculture, energy, manufacturing and trade.

OBITUARY: KBC Legend Khamisi Themor Made It Without Journalism Training

Themor loved his job. Besides the fact that he did not have formal training apart from a short course in the US sponsored by USAid, he worked hard to be good at news writing and presentation.

Interview: Ida Odinga Talks About Raila’s Election Losses

Ida Odinga pours her heart out, and reveals just how it feels for her husband to lose election after election - some times being denied victory.

Kenyan Billionaire’s Wedding Gift To YouTube Couple Shocks Africa

According to a video shared on YouTube, the couple says they received wedding gifts from their fans and supporters including Leah Wambui, a real estate developer in Athi River who bought the couple wedding rings.

Fortune Hunters: First Kenyan To Bank a Billion Started Off As...

The patriarch of one of Kenya’s wealthiest families joined the civil service in 1965 after being appointed an economic advisor. He would then serve as permanent secretary in various ministries including Agriculture, Finance and Economic Planning.

Bundotich: The Village Billionaire Who Owns a Chopper

Buzeki started his career as regional dairy sales manager for Kilifi Plantations, which was owned by his brother in law, a white man. Being the head of an aggressive sales team he ensured successful milk sales volumes in Coast Province under the brand Kilifi Gold.

Mansions, Cars, Clothes & Cigars – Jeff Koinange’s Million-Dollar Lifestyle

In an on-air response to a fan's question on his Hot 96 morning show in he placed his net worth north of Ksh50 million.

Enticed By Soda, Kibera Lady Turns Into Blood Donation Addict

Ms Aisha Mukami Dafalla is spearheading a programme to mobilize at least 100,000 Kenyans to be regular blood donors for the country to attain a sustainable supply of safe and adequate blood in hospitals.

Tahidi High: Here’s What The Thespians Have Been Doing

The mention of Tahidi High evokes the memories of of of the greatest TV shows that ever graced our screens, but a look into...

At 96, Former CBK Governor Plays Golf And Just Authored Four...

Mr Ndegwa is a long-serving public servant who became President Jomo Kenyatta’s Head of the Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet. Mr Ndegwa was the first post-independence Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet in Kenya.