As an essential success scale; you’ll succeed as long as you keep trying.

A few years back, most ladies wanted to be models or news anchors. The let’s-change-the-world perception was not ideal for ladies. Many a time ladies shy away from some professional spaces because they consider themselves a misfit.

For example in the tech space, few women have tech-related solutions and yet most companies are investing in initiatives that offer tech solutions.

So how do you start and sustain a successful business? One question that must be at the top of your head as young dreamer or a startup entrepreneur is; how well do you interact and work with others? This is an imagination kind of thing since imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

This is one factor that will help you work on your attitude towards others and your idea. With a positive attitude, you will be able to visualize and, in fact, actualise, your logical business prospects.

Here is a rundown of the steps and factors that you must consider:


If you love something and you have the courage to pursue it, just go for it. A friend of mine loves making artsy designs. She can make a beautiful necklace from leather and woolen material. The lady redesigns her shoes and clothes. She has a creative mind that has never been tapped, and she is passionate about making masterpieces and selling them. Every weekend she displays her art and the crowd she attracts, it’s massive.

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Some ladies choose careers based on success stories they hear either on radio or from friends, “don’t choose a career solely based on the supposed success it will bring you. Instead, choose a career that makes you happy, and you will find it easy to maintain a balanced life while putting in the continued hard work and effort that bring success,” Oubria Tronshaw writes.

Come up with business goals and plan

Most ladies don’t have clear business goals and objectives. Before you even make a business decision, you need to come up with a plan that has clear objectives. Becoming a successful businesswoman requires thinking and acting strategically; your career is like a marathon race, not a sprint. Be willing to give it your all, and starts with a simple business plan.

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Keep running through the walls

Disappointments and trials make a complete business trait. You must be able to pull yourself up every time you get knocked down. As an essential success scale; you’ll succeed as long as you keep trying. Difficult bosses, competitive co-workers and career setbacks happen to everyone…

“So many things go wrong when you are trying to start a company, and often people inquire the number of mistakes you should avoid making…as an advice, don’t avoid making mistakes because you will eventually make tones of mistakes,” Mark Zuckerberg said in a motivational talk.

Listen and learn

Have a good listening power because you gain knowledge from listening either from friends or role models. You should ask questions and review the answers you receive in order to come up with concrete ideas. Allow yourself to be taught by every person you encounter. Listen more than you speak, and suppress the impulse to say.

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