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Kiss Condoms Enlists Mejja, Femi One, Ssaru for New Campaign [VIDEO]

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DKT International, manufacturer of Kiss Condoms, has teamed up with some of the biggest artists in the country for a new campaign dubbed ‘Jipin’.

Meant to promote safe sex, the campaign involves the use of music and social media to encourage use of Kiss Condoms.

Mejja, Femi One, Ssaru, Odi wa Murang’a (Boondocks Gang), Jua Cali and Magix Enga all feature on Jipin Anthem, a music video released on Friday, December 4 as part of the campaign.

All the artists are riding high in 2020 with smash hits of their own. Mejja, for instance, is arguably the most-sought after artist in Kenya having been featured in over 10 hit singles this year alone.

Jipin is Sheng’ (slang) for equipping yourself or staying safe, depending on the context.

Targeting the youth demographic, Jipin Anthem includes several references to Kiss Condoms and safe sex.

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DKT , an international non-profit, has a presence in over 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

DKT manufactures a range of flavored condoms as well as other contraceptive and family planning products.

It’s Lydia range, for instance, targets women and girls and includes products such as Intra-Uterine Devices (IUDs).

It also produces emergency contraception (EC), oral contraceptive pills (OCPs).

The company cites social marketing as a core element of its model. Five of the ten largest contraceptive social marketing programs in the world are DKT programs.

It uses existing commercial infrastructure, marketing strategies and methodologies to reach customers with family planning products and services through retail outlets and clinics.

Indeed, most consumers who purchase DKT products are unaware that they are supplied by a non-profit.

DKT cites the coercion-free, non-patronizing approach as an advantage, as it ensures consumers do not perceive the contraceptives as charity given that they voluntarily spend their own money.

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