Kenya Commercial Bank cards. Card payments will now be contactless for KCB customers.

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) customers using cards will now be able to enjoy a safe and secure contactless experience when they tap and pay for goods and services.

This follows the launch of a campaign called “Tap Hapo Sawa” introducing a payment service dubbed “Contactless -tap to Pay”, a partnership between the Bank and global payments firm Visa.

The service will enable customers to enjoy a fast, easy and secure way to pay for goods and services. All a customer needs to do is tap their Visa card on a KCB point of sale (POS) machine after which the transaction will be approved.

Other than speed and convenience, contactless cards are safe because they use protocols similar to encoding replacing sensitive and private information such as the 16-digit account numbers with a unique digital identifier called the code.

The EMV chip generates a one-time encryption code, and thus prevents fraud and counterfeiting attempts.

“We are truly excited to roll out Visa’s Contactless -tap to Pay service in Kenya. KCB has been at the forefront of digitizing transactions so as to offer customers seamless services. With the global outbreak of COVID-19 and the necessary containment measures, use of digital payments has accelerated as we are encouraging our customers to use contactless methods of payment,”. said Angela Mwirigi, KCB Director, Digital Financial Services.

“We are committed to providing robust fintech solutions to customers to not only improve their experience but also as our strategy in fighting against the COVID-19 crisis,” she added.

Visa has put in place several resources in place to familiarize consumers with the security features provided by contactless payment technologies and e-commerce to keep them safe while paying with their cards.

“Across the globe we’re settling into a new normal, an immediate acceleration of digital shopping, which has dramatically changed the way we live, work and buy. It has impacted how we spend, send and use money, with a ripple effect on many parts of the global economy,” said Corine Mbiaketcha, Vice President and General Manager for Visa in Kenya.

The proposition is part of the bank’s digital finance proposition. 

Transactional activities continue to shift away from branches, with tech-backed non-branch transactions— mobile, agency banking, point of sale terminals and ATMs, standing at 98% of total volumes, compared to 2% handled at the branches.

KCB has platforms such as VOOMA -a digital platform for lending, savings, and payments, MobiGrow-an agribusiness fintech platform, Mobi Chama-a digital service for investment groups and Jaza Duka-a retailers’ cashless platform among others.

This is in addition to KCB M-PESA which boasts of 16 million customers and KCB Mobile banking which offers digital services across Eastern Africa.

Kenya is a leader on the African continent in terms of adopting digital payments.

Whilst cash is still king when it comes to everyday transactions, the development and growth of mobile money has slowly increased the volume of cashless transactions. This has also been supported by the accelerated use of card payments.


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