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How To Get Cargo From China And Dubai

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Have you ever wondered how you can get cargo from Dubai and China to Nairobi? The shipping and consolidating business is among the most popular businesses in Nairobi with many people buying goods from China and Dubai to sell in Kenya.

The process of getting cargo sourced from abroad can be a daunting task to a novice. According to Tradebase CEO and Director Raphael Kapai, the process begins by first identifying a supplier for your goods internationally through websites like Alibaba with most suppliers sending samples via air in one to two weeks.

One can also get started by visiting various local licensed consolidators who will help source and pick products on their behalf. You can contact the suppliers from websites like AliExpress and Alibaba, or a licensed cargo consolidator like Tradebase Kwa Kapai.

Mr Kapai, who is also the Licensed Consolidators of Kenya chairman says, “from China to Kenya takes a minimum of 35 days and from Dubai to Kenya is a minimum of 21 Days”

For government approvals to bring goods into the country, Kapai states that special licenses are awarded to cargo consolidators who handle the process from end to end up to delivery. One should, however, choose the right cargo consolidators, to handle their orders depending on

“Tradebase Kwa Kapai has been the most preferred cargo consolidator owing to its low rates (CBM). At Tradebase Kwa Kapai, they don’t discriminate on the amount of goods you can ship and they are also the fastest with goods arriving at Nairobi CBD in just 21 Days,” he said.

Mr Kapai added: “My company has been in the consolidation business for over 15 years and has built a reputation for being fast, convenient and affordable. We help our customers source for the goods from the different suppliers in China and Dubai. We also pick your goods from the suppliers, facilitate payments and deliver the goods for you at no additional cost.”

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