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Coronavirus Brings the Much Sought-After Equality to the World

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The world is on its knees. The most deadly disease to have ever existed in the history of humanity is upon us. Even the most powerful nations have bowed. Covid-19, commonly known as Coronavirus, is the most deadly and unheard of illness to ever strike mankind.

Nations are crying without anywhere to turn to. The world’s superpowers are on lockdown. The world is at a loss. The very researchers that we often-times disregard are our only hope. We wake up every day hoping that a new discovery has been made on the cure of this scavaging disease that is spreading like wildfire.

Equality to the world

This disease is punishing all nations without discrimination. Unlike HIV/AIDS which has affected the promiscuous lot and whose aim was to punish the immoral on a large scale, this one is non-discriminatory. The young and old alike are the same. It has brought equality to the world. The rich and the famous are, for once, at one level.

For once the shoe fits across the board. The infamous politicians are all susceptible just like the poor citizens they lie to every day. The very hospitals whose funding they misused in fraudulent activities are now needed but are nowhere to be seen.

There are no more trips to the Caribbean, the UK, USA, India for the best medical care. Every politician will have to suffer the consequences of not building good hospitals in their counties. No more business and first-class flights to any country. We all have to suffer in the very country that is our motherland.

We are all sons of the soil since even those who only hear of their motherland on CNN, BBC and ALJAZEERA have all come back to their roots since Africa seems to be the least affected by the Coronavirus. Everyone is now proud to be African as they commonly refer to us.

If these notorious politicians had a mind, this would be the wake-up call we have all been waiting for them to concentrate on building our nation to have world-class health care. The kind of escapism and games they have played with our health care system ends with the Coronavirus.

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Those who thought it was famous and fancy to travel outside the country on taxpayers’ sweat are now the first Coronavirus suspects. They are on the most wanted list. As they say, Karma has its day. This is mostly for our politicians who book a flight to go abroad to get the best healthcare for even headaches. Now we are all equal.

They will have to queue in this Kenyan hospitals that they left us, citizens, to suffer in as they steal our hard-earned money in the form of taxes and take extravagant cruises all over. For once in the history of the world, we are all equal and the most surprising thing is that they are even at a higher chance of contacting Coronavirus since they travel all over the world.

The punishment for being thieves of our taxes is upon them and they will pay for them. The poor are at a lower chance as they stay safe in upcountry.

Covid-19 is the one disease that surpasses all human understanding at the moment.

All the nations are level. Even the most powerful nations are at one level with the third world countries. In fact, they are even at a worse level than the third world countries. This is a disease that has brought equality and humility to the proud nations and individuals. For once we are speaking in one language across the world. We are all working together to help each other eradicate this menace of a disease.

The labs are busy with researchers working day in day out to find a cure. The doctors and nurses are outstretched. This is one of the professions that is faced by so many dangers in the line of work. Working to save lives brings great joy to the world and to the individuals but the risk involved is so great and unfathomable. This is one of the professions that require one to be selfless and giving in all their capacity.

Turning back to God

Covid-19 is the one disease that surpasses all human understanding at the moment. The disease is spreading like bush fire or should I say like the Australian fire. Everything anyone touches is a hot zone of disease. It is a disease that defeats all comprehension by the level of its spreading.

People have been forced to be the neatest human beings ever. Everyone is conscious of what they touch and what they do. Sanitizing hands and clothes has become the order of the day even for the dirtiest humans. In as much as this is a deadly disease, it has ensured that human beings have become clean.

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The only hope human beings have right now is the very thing they have always turned their back on. Turning to God and asking for His forgiveness is the only solution to this. Even those who have been proud to recognize God are on their knees begging for His forgiveness and mercies. God has claimed back His village which is the world. At the blink of an eye, everything could come to an abrupt end.

Human beings in all their sinful nature should seek absolution from the Almighty and beseech Him for His pardon. Otherwise, He can blow us in one puff just like the story of the 3 little pigs. The solution is with us and has always been with us. Turn to God and worship Him as He is supposed to.

All the honour, glory and praises should all go to Him the Almighty, Mightiest God, the creator of heaven and earth. We are all His property and he can decide to do away with us at a blink and nothing will stop Him or His Mighty power. As human beings let us all go back to worshipping the one who created us and let us feel His Mighty power in our lives.

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