Richard Chacha with Linus Kaikai and a friend during happier times.

Before a 2012 a******t, former NTV political reporter Richard Chacha, former NTV managing editor Linus Kaikai, Deputy President William Ruto’s media aide Emmanuel Tallam (then at China TV), Ephantus Mwangi of the Nation’s Digital Division and an administrator with media house Fridah Kaimuri were the best of friends.

On the fateful day in April 2012, the five were on their way to Kilgoris for a fundraiser when they were involved in a road a******t on the Mahi Mahiu-Narok highway.

After the a******t, things went awry after the three’s bid for compensation failed to materialise after Kaikai, who is now Royal Media Services Director, Strategy and Innovation, denied liability.

The turn of events has seen Chacha, Tallam, Mwangi and Kaimuri move to the High Court seeking compensation.

On Thursday, Kaimuri told Justice Richard Mwongo in Naivasha that her life changed permanently as she could no longer walk forcing her to hire a n***e to take care of her.

She told the court that she fell u*********s and woke in hospital some days later only to learn that she could no longer walk and had to rely on a wheelchair. She says she still cannot remember what exactly happened.

“I don’t know what happened on that day but all I know is that I will never walk for the rest of my life. This has taken a toll on me as I have to rely on other people,” she testified.

She contends that she has s******d financially, physically, and mentally while seeking medical services in various hospitals and though she still works as an administrator in NMG, she cannot deliver her services as I used to.

On his part, Chacha, who is now Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s spokesman, avers that the a******t destroyed his future life as he was rendered completely p*******d.

Chacha, who says he was a passenger in the i*l-fated car, said that he had s******d huge financial losses as he sought medical attention locally and abroad.

“After the a******t, I s******d permanent i******s and the a******t occurred due to negligence in the part of the defendant who owned the car,” he says in his affidavit.

The case, in which they have enjoined Family Bank and Macharia Stephen,  will be heard on March 13 and March 14, 2019.

However, in a replying affidavit filed in February 2016, Kaikai denies that he negligently
drove, managed or controlled the vehicle or that he caused it to lose control, veer off
or be involved in an a******t.

He also denies he was the one behind the wheel as asserted by the plaintiffs, instead stating that it was Chacha who was driving.

Kaikai also demanded that Chacha provides proof that he was earning Ksh 202,000
per month or that he is entitled to an award for loss of earnings for the next 17 years or for future medical costs.


On her part, Kaimuri, who says she was earning Ksh 120,000 per month, avers she  is entitled to an award for loss of earnings for the next 22 years or for future medical costs.

Kaikai wants strict proof of their particulars of i******s, loss, damages and special damages.


  1. Now that you survived the accident, Richard should take care of his two daughters he has abandonded, The elder one currently in university and one in a polytechnic. He should not cheat people that he is a responsible papa. Bure sana


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