[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen it comes to fashion during cold weather, most people especially women fret because they have stocked their wardrobes mostly with clothes for warm weather. Ms Purity Manga, a fashion designer, and one of the founders of a modelling agency in Thika town, says that just because dressing for the cold weather doesn’t mean you forget about looking good.

The designer says some people especially women do not dress appropriately as they either have not stocked their wardrobes with the right attire or they simply intended to look smart ignoring to make themselves comfortable.

She says now that many Kenyans are enduring the cold weather, they should not be caught off-guard with chilly weather during daytime in the name of fashion. “It never hurts to have variety of warm outfit in store for those extra cold days as it will cushion one against the vagaries of cold weather,” Manga explained.

When shopping for the cold season, look for warmer fabrics like wool, she says: go for lots of wintry accessories like scarves, hats, and earmuffs.  “Try to look smart and trendy, even in office wear. If a person is more of a dress and skirt girl, you will want to keep your legs covered, so double up leggings or tights, go for some fun wool socks and a pair of boots.Fashion has never been complicated,” she says.


She added that it is still possible to stay fashionable, while staying warm. Scarves don’t need to be worn in a particular way but should be positioned so they act as shields to prevent movement of warmth from inside to the outer layer.

Cotton is the worst material for insulation, she says. People should get clothes for extreme cold weather to avoid being worked up when climate changes especially during daytime.

She advises those who have space at their workplace to keep some warm clothing in case they need to keep themselves warm during the day in case the weather turns chilly.



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