EACC Chairman Eliud Wabukala says Kenyans should suggest ways to root out graft.

A global Christian leaders conference to be held in Kenya on October 26 is set to discuss matters around c********n, which is rampant in most Christian countries. Among the delegates is Caroline Mbanacho Oduol, CEO Imani Works, a Kenya-based non-profit organisation, who laments the situation in most countries thought to be saturated with Christianity.

“Kenya’s estimated current population is 50 million with Christianity being the predominant religion adhered by an estimated 85% of total population. However, Kenya was ranked 143 out 180 in the world c********n index. If this statistics is anything to go by, there’s a need for key catalyst in conveying the conference to deal with the high unethical standards that blocks the growth of our economy,” says Ms Oduol.

Caroline Mbanacho Oduol, one of the delegates attending the conference

Transparency International’s c********n index placed the country 145th out of 176 countries with a score of 26. Kenya attained a below average score in the Index in 2016, showing no improvement from 2014 rankings.

“Kenya, despite the adoption of a few anti-c********n measures including passing a law on the right to information, has a long way to go,” read the report.

Recently the Ethics and Anti-C********n Commission (EACC) introduced a Bible study guide to fight c********n, which was highly criticised by Kenyans, including followers of the Christian faith.

The 2017 National Ethics and C********n Survey shows an increase in public interest in the fight against c********n.

According to the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, c********n and asset misappropriation tops economic c****s likely to occur at 72 per cent. Bribery and c********n were second at 47 per cent, while procurement f***d came third with 37 per cent.

“Our aim is to root out c********n in the country. Kenyans should suggest ways to do this, since w*r against c********n is our common responsibility,” said Wabukala.


In the report, the Interior and Coordination of National Government Ministry was leading at 64.7 percent, followed by Health at 27.8 while Land, Housing and Urban Development came third at 23.9.

“The drive to become a better country with Christian values goes past campaigns and more of what really God commands us to do. The conference views to incorporate our Christian values at the job market and enable grow our economy,” reads a statement from the organisers of the conference.



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