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Citizen TV anchor operated to remove metal bar from her thigh

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Citizen TV Kiswahili News anchor Lulu Hassan has been admitted to hospital to undergo a surgical procedure to remove an aluminium plate from her left thigh. The aluminium plate was implanted in her after an accident seven years ago.

Lulu Hassan revealed this on Social Media where she narrated her journey with the plate in her leg and the agony it has been causing her while also helping her to move around.

“April 19th, 2010,” she wrote, “I remember this day like it was yesterday…I was going for an assignment in Kisumu but on reaching Kapkatet it all happened so fast…I found myself at the Siloam hospital in Kericho and first aid was being administered.”

She continues with the emotional story: “Next thing I knew I was in the ambulance on my way to Nairobi for an emergency theatre at the Aghakhan Hospital. The next few months would be tough. If you would have asked me then if I thought I would be able to walk or be on my feet again, I wouldn’t have imagined that was possible. But; Alhamdullilahi!!! It’s been 7 years walking with a plate on my left femur.”

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Now it was time to part with the metal seven-year companion which had given a limp to her walking style and gait.

“On the 30th October 2017, I finally gathered the courage to walk into theatre for a surgery to remove it …I had been relying on this aluminium plate for the 7 years after the accident in 2010…. 7 years that saw my walking style and body posture change completely, thus affecting my back and work not forgetting the excruciating pain I would have to endure whenever I wanted to lie down…Alhamdullilah after the Monday surgery; the plate is out…I will be in bed for some time to recuperate.”

A look at the plate with the screws that held it tight on other bones (see above photo) can make even the the bravest of souls to cringe. You wouldn’t be faulted for wondering how she would even manage to get up, let alone walk to work and talk without betraying the presence of such a long metal in her body.

She thanked her family, friends, and her boss at Royal Media Services, which runs Citizen TV, who she says constantly reminded her that she needed “to do something”.

“Dr Thuranira I don’t know how to thank you but you made me have faith with our medical practitioners and introduced me to one Doctor Mogire (He is  God sent)…… ..To anyone going through a tough time now… Be encouraged. It shall pass.”

Lulu also offered to donate her plate to an elderly person who might be in need of it and cannot afford it.

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