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Work-Life Balance: No Easy Task For Couples Juggling Job and Parenting

Work Life Balance: Organisations need to revisit their traditional working hours policies and consider greater flexibility, especially for employees with family responsibilities.

5 Ways Of Fostering Positive Employee Experiences

The ball is in the HR department's court to create a working environment where employees feel valued, engaged, and motivated throughout their entire employee life cycle, right from recruitment to exit.

Five Ways To Promote Diversity At The Workplace

Organisations have embarked on introducing diversity at the workplace programmes as if they were competing for awards.

How Small HR Firms Can Play and Win In The Global League

While large HR firms have the resources to address these demands, small HR firms often face unique challenges when attempting to offer their services at a global level.

Challenges HR Professionals Face When Kenyan Companies Expand To Great Lakes Region

Although the business movements bring numerous opportunities for growth, they also pose certain challenges for HR professionals tasked with preparing employees to work outside Kenya.

Joe Ageyo Takes On New Job at NMG

Veteran journalist and editor Joe Ageyo has been promoted by Nation Media Group (NMG) to a key role.

7 Reasons For HR Professionals To Seek Global Jobs

The global HR jobs market is ripe with opportunities for professionals with expertise in cultural adaptability and cross-cultural communication.

10 Virtual Job Interview Tips To Make a Great Impression

As organisations continue to adopt remote work and global HR teams, candidates must adapt to these new virtual interviews dynamics.
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