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7 Reasons For HR Professionals To Seek Global Jobs

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As qualified and experienced HR professionals, you possess a remarkable set of skills and exposure that can make a significant impact in the international business arena. The global HR jobs market is ripe with opportunities for professionals with expertise in cultural adaptability and cross-cultural communication. Here are seven reasons to inspire and encourage you to embrace the global horizons and explore the vast opportunities beyond borders.

 Understand Cultural Values

Over your working lives as HR professionals, you are woven with a diverse cultural fabric which has shaped you into versatile and adaptable people. Based on your experience and outlook, you are capable of navigating the intricacies of local workplace interactions. As a result, you are endowed with the ability to understand and manage diverse teams, which is a prerequisite skill in the global market.

The expertise you already have in talent acquisition, employee engagement, and performance management can significantly contribute to the growth of multinational corporations. As Kenyan businesses expand across borders, they require HR professionals who can foster inclusive and collaborative work environments. With adequate preparation, you have the skills to excel in HR work beyond the borders.

Overcome Global Challenges

Global horizons come with their fair share of challenges, but remember, each obstacle presents an opportunity for growth and learning. One of the primary challenges you may face is the need to familiarise yourself with international labour laws and regulations. However, your adaptability and determination will enable you to navigate these complexities effectively.

In addition, language and communication barriers may arise while working with diverse workforces. Learn and master new languages and invest in cross-cultural communication training to bridge these gaps successfully. The global business world thrives on diversity, and your treasure of working in multicultural workplaces gives you a competitive edge.

Gain Global Skills

In reality, to embrace global horizons, consider acquiring skills that align with international standards. Stay updated on the latest HR trends and best practices worldwide. Attend conferences and webinars to expand your knowledge base and network with professionals from different parts of the world.

Furthermore, obtain international HR certifications to enhance your credibility and demonstrate your commitment to excellence. Such certifications can open doors to exciting global opportunities.

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Network and Collaborate

It is paramount to build a strong global network in the world of international business. Connect with Kenyan HR professionals who have successfully ventured into the global market and seek guidance from their experiences. Utilise social media platforms like LinkedIn to connect with HR leaders worldwide. Engage in international HR forums and online communities to share insights and learn from others’ experiences.

One powerful way for expanding your horizons is to hone your collaboration skills. Consider partnering with global HR consulting firms or international organisations that value diversity and inclusion. Such collaborations can expose you to new perspectives and open doors to lucrative HR projects on an international scale.

Embrace Technology

Technology continues to be a driving force in the current work environments, and its significance in international operations cannot be overstated. As HR professionals aiming to work in the international business arena, it is essential to be well-versed in HR technology platforms and tools. Familiarise yourself with cloud-based HR systems, AI-powered recruitment software, and virtual collaboration tools.

When you embrace technology, it not only streamlines your HR processes but also showcases your adaptability to work in virtual and remote settings. In an increasingly remote working world, your proficiency in technology makes you a valuable asset to global organisations seeking efficient HR solutions.

Acquire Intelligence and Sensitivity

To thrive in the global HR arena, you need to acquire Cultural intelligence (CQ). With Kenya’s rich cultural diversity, you already possess a natural inclination towards cultural sensitivity. However, you will require to further develop your CQ to meet the expectations in international business environments.

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Take the time to study the cultural differences of countries you intend to work with. Be open to learning from your interactions with employees from other cultures. When you demonstrate cultural sensitivity, it will not only facilitate better communication but also foster trust and rapport with international clients and colleagues.

Leverage Kenyan Identity

Kenyan HR professionals can play a crucial role in driving businesses on a global scale. Their expertise in  attracting and retaining top talent, and fostering a culture of inclusivity, can directly impact the overall performance and reputation of multinational corporations.

Your unique perspective and insights, rooted in our diverse cultural heritage, offer fresh approaches to problem-solving and innovation. Be proud of your identity as a Kenyan HR professional and leverage it to contribute positively to the betterment of businesses worldwide.

Take the leap, explore the global horizons, and make a difference not only in Kenya but also across the globe. Gradually, Kenyan HR professionals will become the most sought after for global HR positions.

The writer is HRD Consultant and Author of Transition into Retirement; [email protected]

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SAMSON OSEROhttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
Samson Osero is Human Resource Development Consultant and Author of 'Transition into Retirement'. My personal email is: [email protected]
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