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5 Places HR Professionals Can Find International Job Opportunities

The global HR market offers a wealth of opportunities with the right approach and preparation

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The global HR market offers an exciting array of opportunities for skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds. As a Kenyan HR professional seeking to expand horizons and explore new avenues for personal and professional growth, it is crucial to be well-informed and strategic in your job search. Here are five effective ways to navigate the global HR job market successfully.

Online Job Platforms

Online job platforms and professional networking websites have become invaluable resources for job seekers worldwide. Websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed are popular platforms where HR job openings from various countries are advertised. Create a compelling and detailed LinkedIn profile which highlights your expertise, achievements, and skills. Engage actively in relevant groups and discussions to expand your network and stay updated about international HR opportunities.

In addition, job-specific websites can offer targeted opportunities in the global HR market. Be sure to tailor your CV and cover letter for each application to demonstrate your relevance and value to potential employers.

Multinational Companies

Multinational companies are constantly on the lookout for HR professionals with international experience and cultural awareness. These companies have a global presence and often require HR professionals who can handle diverse workforce challenges. You can target multinational organisations with operations in Kenya or those that have a presence in your desired job market.

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Research multinational companies operating in your industry and check their career portals regularly for job openings. Many of these organisations also participate in career fairs and recruitment events which provide an opportunity for face-to-face interactions. Be prepared to showcase your cross-cultural communication skills and adaptability during such events.

HR Conferences

It is highly beneficial to participate in HR conferences and seminars to expand your global job prospects. HR conferences often attract international speakers and thought leaders who can provide you with the chance to network. You can also learn from other experienced professionals in your industry.

Besides your local HR professional body, joining internationally-recognised ones can open your doors to global networking opportunities. These bodies often have chapters or events in various countries, which can help you build connections and stay updated on the latest HR trends and job opportunities across the world.

Remote Work Arrangements

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work arrangements, which made it more viable for HR professionals to work for companies outside Kenya. Remote HR roles offer flexibility and the chance to work with teams from different corners of the world.

Several online platforms now connect companies with remote HR talent. Websites like Remote.co, We Work Remotely, and FlexJobs feature remote HR job listings across various industries. Be sure to showcase your ability to collaborate effectively across time zones and your experience in managing virtual teams when applying for remote positions.

Cross-Cultural Competence

As you aspire to work in the global HR market, it is essential to develop cross-cultural competence. Global companies value HR professionals who can bridge cultural gaps and understand the differences of managing an international workforce.

Take the initiative to learn about the cultures and business practices of the countries you are interested in. This knowledge will not only help you during the job search but will also give you a competitive edge during interviews and while performing HR functions in a global context.

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The global HR market offers a wealth of opportunities for HR professionals with the right approach and preparation. Leverage online platforms and networking websites to target multinational companies, engage with professional associations and HR conferences, considering remote work options, and cultivating cross-cultural competence are key strategies to succeed in your job search.

Expand your horizons beyond borders and actively seek global opportunities to carve a rewarding career path in the international HR arena. Embrace the challenge, be persistent, and keep refining your skills to stand out in the competitive global job market. Your determination and the right strategy will land you a competitive global HR position.

The writer is HRD Consultant and Author of Transition into Retirement; [email protected]

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SAMSON OSEROhttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
Samson Osero is Human Resource Development Consultant and Author of 'Transition into Retirement'. My personal email is: [email protected]
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