A Barclays Bank ATM. Banks will reconfigure their ATM systems in the coming days in the wake of the roll out of the new generation notes.

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]etflix hit series The Money Heist La Casa De Papel is among the most popular shows across the globe. It’s storyline revolves around a brilliant heist plotter who recruits a group of individuals with chequered pasts to undertake his dream mission, to rob the Spanish Central Bank.

The main character Sergio Marquina alias El Proffesor played by Álvaro Morte is inspired by his father’s dream to rob a bank to uplift the status of his poor family but the old man is killed while making his dream a reality leaving his family in the same state and without a person to guide them out of it.

While motivating his group of robbers, Marquina tells them that by taking the Central Bank employees hostage to print their own currency, they would not be stealing from anyone but would be uplifting their own lives without doing what the government does, fueling economic crisis’ to benefit a few individuals at the expense of the public.

El Proffesor however warns his group of robbers that the greatest weapon that they would have if anything went wrong during the heist is public support.

“When Brazil faces Cameroon in the World Cup, a vast majority of fans across the world are likely to support Cameroon because the former is a footballing giant and its human nature to side with underdogs,” Marquinna tells his recruits “If we kill anyone during the heist, we will go from being heroes to public enemy number one. We must make sure that we have the public on our side,”

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The group of robbers see so much logic in the argument that they end up chanting the word Cameroon……Cameroon… Cameroon.

Last week, Barclays Bank was hit by a wave of ATM robberies which left the lender Ksh11 million short.

The heist which occurred across various branches in Nairobi in three days quickly caught the attention of the public but instead of Kenyans condemning the three separate incidents, they leapt to the defence of the robbers describing them as ‘heroes’.

Why would the public support theft? While La Casa De Papel is a fictional TV show, Marquina’s explanation to his robbers is spot on, during different heists across the world, public support has tended to gravitate towards the robbers.

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Titus Murakaru Githui, 59, father to the perpetrators of the KCB Thika bank heist, Halford Munene Murakaru and Charles Mwangi Murakaru shocked the country when he said that he was not suprised by the actions of his sons as the country is looted while the perpetrators are not brought to book.

“How do we tell the younger generation that stealing is wrong while looters of public funds walk scot free,” The senior Murakaru told journalists in November 2017.

He logic was appreciated by a huge number of Kenyans who said that the impunity culture must be fought across the board.

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