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Amos Burkeywo is a writer, editor and publisher based in Nairobi. Email: [email protected]

Village Life Tranquility That Nairobi’s Allure And Millions Can’t Match

I fell in love with Nairobi for some reasons: for opportunities, its liveliness, and the perceived ‘good’ life it offers. But after living for about a decade, I couldn’t figure out how I would continue with this city lifestyle before my head goes bald. Is life all about labouring to sustain the perceived good Nairobi type of living standard?

Keep calm, life begins at 40: The rest is about searching...

Life is a journey of self-discovery. It is a series of successes and failures. Before you begin life at 40, you experience many misses...

Secrets behind the rise of Jua Kazi professionals

With population, particularly the professionals facing unemployment or underemployment or fed up with employment no matter how rosy a job is, there are some...

Why ‘A’ Students Rarely Become Rich and More Successful in Life

Entrepreneurship is not for everybody. But the most important thing is to be financially intelligent

What to do when papers can’t get you a job

The recent report by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) that the number of formal jobs generated by the economy fell to a...