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Business Daily is Kenya's only daily business newspaper published by the Nation Media Group. The newspaper, launched in March 2007, is published from Monday to Friday, with the Friday edition circulating over the weekend. It is based at the Nation Centre in Nairobi.

Naushad Merali, Dealmaker Who Made Sh200M Profit In 24 Hours, Dies

Merali made his wealth by first purchasing unprofitable companies and turning them around in his formative days as an investor. He would then exit at a profit - sometimes attracting criticism when the new buyers failed to profit from the deal. In 2015, Forbes ranked him as the third richest man in Kenya and 48th in Africa with a net worth of Ksh39.96 billion ($370 million).

RBA confirms Nzomo Mutuku as CEO

The board of the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) has formally appointed Nzomo Mutuku as its chief executive officer after a year performing the role...

Tanzania billionaires buy big chunk of Safaricom

 Aunali and Sajjad Rajabali have been accumulating shares in NSE-listed firms over the past two years

Bank CEO who works without pay!

Stanbic Holdings sayst its chief executive, Greg Brackenridge, works for the company at no cost

Makali reshuffles the Star editorial team

This is the first changes Makali is instituting at Lion's Place plucked out of retirement six months ago to help turnaround the Star's fortunes

Ambassador rides ox-cart on muddy road in Makueni

Ireland ambassador to Kenya Vincent O’Neill excited the internet in Kenya on Monday after he rode an ox-drawn cart to officially open a school...

How to Join University With D+ and Get a Degree

There is a one-year programme that enables students to progress to diploma then proceed to the professional qualification and onto Bachelor of Commerce degree

Tuskys abandons Nakumatt in the ICU

Under proposed deal Tuskys was to provide Ksh650 million to support operations and up to Ksh3 billion for restocking

Everest Park’s dream houses turn into a nightmare

Developers of Everest Park, the residential estate at the centre of a building quality row, have been given two weeks to prepare a plan...

CA boss Francis Wangusi in trouble over promotions

Francis Wangusi sent on compulsory leave pending investigations into malpractice in staff training and promotions