TV47 presenters and offices
TV47 brings a complete, consolidated, comprehensive coverage of news and untold information.

When TV 47 started in 2019, the Kenyan broadcast market was teeming with names of struggling TV stations. With the switch to digital advertising, investors swarmed in to get a piece of the television industry pie.

Soon many learnt to their dismay that turning a TV station into a sustainable profitable venture was no mean fete. As this happened Dr Simon Gicharu was observing the market and learning one or two things about the TV market.

So when he decided to hit the mark his team at Cape Media, the company that runs TV47, had done its homework well in terms of strategizing and mapping the television market in Kenya. He rolled out on a pilot phase to try out its model of focusing on unique stories across the country.

The county focus on 47 counties, which gave the station its name, picked speed and soon TV47 had become the talk of town, its journalists delivering interesting content to audiences.

TV47 is attempting to close the gap between itself and the market leaders and laying the groundwork for possible disruption of the order in future. The broadcaster earlier last year recruited experienced editors, directors, presenters and analysts with the intention of growing its market share. In October last year it launched the Mombasa bureau which will prove instrumental in realising these goals.

TV47’s content spans through a wide range of local general entertainment shows, local news, local sports and business coverage, local religious shows, and local higher education shows.

TV47 was officially launched in February 2020 after six months of piloting to take on big and established brands in the industry including market leader Citizen TV, KTN, NTV as well as KBC and K24, among others.

TV47 brings a complete, consolidated, comprehensive coverage of news and untold information.


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