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All About Safaricom All in One Bundles

Safaricom All in One are 30-day bundles that come packed with data, minutes and texts, plus free WhatsApp, making them great value for those who regularly use their phone.

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Safaricom was formed in 1997 and is one of the leading providers of technology and communications services in Kenya and East Africa at large.

Locally, it is the most celebrated and reliable network, having been the first telecommunication company to unlock the next level of connectivity by building and including 5G, the fifth-generation wireless technology, in its mobile network services for high data transfer speeds and high-quality voice service.

From family phone plans to unlimited data plans for connected devices and hotspots, Safaricom offers affordable voice, data and video services and solutions, meeting customers’ demand for mobility, reliable network connectivity and security. That is why it has a lot of subscribers, really – 44,115,281 active mobile subscriptions compared to Airtel’s 18,932,398.

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Today, we will look at everything about Safaricom’s monthly data plans. They are called All in One;

What is Safaricom All in One?

Safaricom All in One are 30-day bundles that come packed with data, minutes and texts, plus free WhatsApp, making them great value for those who regularly use their phone.

It’s a great idea to bundle your Safaricom internet and phone service, so buying this monthly data will save you money or, at the very least, give you the convenience of one monthly bill.

The All In One monthly bundles are available to all Safaricom customers (Prepaid, PostPay and Hybrid).

How much is a Safaricom monthly bill?

Safaricom is squeezing even more value into its 30-day All in One Bundle, offering a total of eight plans starting at Ksh100 for 400 MB of data, 20 minutes of talk time and 50 SMS to Ksh250 for 1 GB of internet, 50 minutes and 100 SMS to Ksh500 for 2 GB of internet bundles, 100 minutes, 500 SMS and Free WhatsApp all the way to the most expensive monthly data plan with 100 GB, 7,500 minutes for voice calls, 10,000 SMS and Free WhatsApp costing Ksh10,000/month.

Here are all the prices and offerings;

No. Bundle price What’s included
1. Ksh100 400 MB + 20 mins + 50 SMS
2. Ksh250 1 GB + 50 mins + 100 SMS
3. Ksh500 2 GB + 100 mins + 500 SMS + free WhatsApp
4. Ksh1,000 8 GB + 400 mins + 1,000 SMS + free WhatsApp
5. Ksh2,000 17 GB + 1,000 mins + 2,000 SMS + free WhatsApp
6. Ksh3,000 27 GB + 1,500 mins + 3,000 SMS + free WhatsApp
7. Ksh5,000 47 GB + 2,700 mins + 5,000 SMS + free WhatsApp
8. Ksh10,000 100 GB + 7,500 mins + 10,000 SMS + free WhatsApp

But did you know…

Safaricom offers an alternative option for buying these All in One monthly bundles for cheap? Yes! Other than buying through the normal USSD *544#, mySafaricom APP and www.safaricom.com, there is a way you can get discounts ranging from 5-10%, and that is through the official All in One website:

Its monthly pricing starts at Ksh475, other than the usual Ksh500, for 2 GB, 100 minutes for voice calls, 500 SMS and WhatsApp (30-day Expiry). You save Ksh25.

For monthly 8 GB, 400 Minutes, 1000 SMS and free WhatsApp, you save Ksh50 by buying it at Ksh950, and there is more and more.

Go All in One and save when you follow these steps for the best deals right now;

1. Visit allinone.co.ke
2. On the homepage, click ‘SHOP NOW,’
3. Explore the cheapest internet plan and select your preferred one for purchase
4. Choose ‘BUY NOW’ to proceed to checkout
5. Enter your Safaricom phone number and proceed to pay via Mpesa by tapping on ‘PLACE ORDER’

In less than 5 minutes, you will receive an SMS confirming the purchase, and the cheap data bundles will be loaded to your SIM account to keep you online through the month.

Proceeding, for the Safaricom 17 GB, 1000 Minutes, 2000 SMS + free Whatsapp monthly plan that usually costs Ksh2,000, you buy it at Ksh1,900 when you purchase it this way, saving you Ksh100.

Lastly, the biggest data package is going at Ksh9,500 instead of the usual Ksh10,000 for the same 100 GB, 7,500 Minutes, 10,000 SMS, and free WhatsApp for the entire month.

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