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Physical exercise does not cure-all d********n, but being active promotes the feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Exercise stimulates the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain that are in low supply when battling d********n.

A research published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology revealed that exercise reduces stress and helps one sleep better at night which can be defensive mechanism against feeling depressed.

Below are five simple physical activities that can ease d********n symptoms:

Play outside

As simple as that sounds, it has immense effect in one’s mental health. Going outside and allowing the healthy dosage of sunshine to warm you up will boost your mood. This is because sunshine triggers serotonin levels. Serotonin is also referred to as a happy chemical.

While outside, you can decided to garden around the homestead, wash the car, throw ball with the kids depending on preference and energy.

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The very simple things we take fro granted, like just walking around in the hood can be protective against d********n symptoms.

Walking is an aerobic exercise that we can simply take, putting one foot in front of the other and move forward. This is actually doing something than being locked indoors.

Walking makes a person start to feel better, as days go on, increase time and distance, after all, the world in nature is beautiful and you can only see that when you move around.


Have you heard of the runners high? When a runner reaches a certain threshold of effort while running , the exercise stimulates certain brain chemical that brings a sense of joy, that is the runner’s high.

That joy is because of the release of endorphins, natural body’s m******e, by special glands in the brains. Running is a tangible example of an exercise that stimulates the release of endorphins chemical.

Endorphins chemicals also reduces pain levels.

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Yoga has beneficial antidepressant effect. It improves flexibility, involves mindfulness that breaks repetitive negative thoughts, improves balance, makes you aware of your breathing and also contains a meditative component.

So sign up to that yoga classes near you or watch tutorial videos in YouTube.


Have you ever noticed that kids are always smiley and happy after a heartfelt bouncing in the bouncing castle? This is because when bouncing, the brain is oxygenated thus releasing endorphin chemicals.

You necessarily don’t need to jump, you can alternatively bend your knees and bounce quickly for a few minutes.




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