Fish in a pond. Fish farming remains an unexploited business opportunity.

Commercial fish farming is a full time job for some Kenyans. It is an attractive proposition for most agriprenuers since fish is highly marketable, protein rich, tasty and is recommended due to its low cholesterol and calory levels.

Venturing and keeping different types of fish has its commercial advantages yet the trade is not fully exploited despite the returns it has the potential of yielding.

Fish farming does well when the farmer gets a good rearing location, steady supply of water,a good fish pond or fish lake or sea and the right fish species.

Areas that have traditionally done well in fish farming are lake regions. In Kenya, Kisumu, Homa Bay and Mombasa have produced a large number of the country’s fish over the years.

One of the best fish farming methods involves construction of fish ponds which ought to have a suitable design while the design should also factor she species of fish the farmer wants to rear, each type of fish requires a specific kind of fish pond.

Feeds will also depend on the type of fish but feeding fish is relatively easy as all one has to do is drop the feed in the water.

These kinds of feeds include crumbles, dry sinking pellets, moist sinking pellets, floating pellets and meals.

Due to prevalence of pollution of the water resources such as lakes,rivers and seas and many other water bodies, pond fish farming has risen among fish farmers as may farmers look to make a killing right from home.

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Tilapia has been rated as the third best type of fish to be rear, its popularity is due to their large size,high protein levels and potential to grow larger in size.

Most fish farmers in Kenya rear Tilapia for commercial purposes due to high demand within the country and from external markets, fish farming is also a domestic source of food.

One huge advantage of fish farming is that it provides employment. Various opportunities arise from dealing in fish including in production, packaging and supply.

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Another important advantage from fish farming is that it enhances national economic development as it remains a key earner of foreign exchange.



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