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How Tala Uses Your Phone Details to Qualify You for Loans

With more than 380,000 Kenyans having so far defaulted on loans taken from digital lenders, one can only imagine how hard it was for the fintechs when they started out.

4 Signs You Have What It Takes To Be a Forex...

Foreign exchange trading is increasingly gaining popularity among those wanting to build their wealth. After all, forex trading can be exciting and can be...

Equity and other banks with most expensive loans

According to a new report while big banks charge more, smaller banks are far much cheaper in terms of costing credit

Nakuru tops as best investment destination in Kenya

Investors purchasing land in Nakuru are hitting three birds with a single stone

Fathers Day Special: 9 money lessons to teach your kids

The other day your three year-old son must have said to you, "Just go to the bank and they'll give you money," after you...

Why Kenya is an Interesting Market For Brands Like Betsafe

Kenya is currently among the top three gambling markets in Africa, with this industry becoming a multi-million dollar in this region, according to a...

Credit Bank Pledges Support For SME Through Entrepreneurship Hub

The loan, which has a five-year maturity with a two-year grace period, marks the first proposal under the Bank’s new initiative to prop-up SMEs in Africa.

CEO buried with password to Sh14bn investment trove

Company says it is unable to retrieve the coins leaving more than 100,000 users sweating over their investment

Why People Enjoy Online Gambling

Some have made gambling a hobby, some are involved in gambling in hopes of winning jackpots, and some are playing, hoping it would solve their financial problems. Traditional gambling has been integrated with the digital spheres as technology advances.

7 betting tips you must know ahead of the next game

Millions of people follow different sports and a huge chunk of the population now sees a monetary prize attached to sports, thanks to the...