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We are Buying Foodstuff For Quarantine. This Kenyan Just Bought a Land Cruiser

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In the wake of Covid-19, most people are panic-buying things they think they will miss if they are to stay indoors for a long time.

The weirdest thing to be bought in large numbers after Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic has been tissue paper. Within a day tissue paper sections in supermarkets boasted nothing but empty shelves.

The most normal thing to buy in such a situation is foodstuff. Many have stocked up their fridges in preparation for when the government will announce a total lockdown if it does comes to that. A huge percentage of Kenyans are already in self-quarantine playing their part in curbing the spread of Covid-19.

While everyone is buying foodstuffs and toiletries to prepare to stay at home, one Kenyan thought it was a perfect time to invest in a brand new Toyota Landcruiser. The photo of the white luxurious full-size SUV has been doing rounds on social media with many questioning the motive behind the purchase.

The vehicle happens to be the first to boast a number plate under the KD – category. It seems pretty obvious that the owner might have spent top dollar to become the first to take up the new line of number plate. He was actually the first as the car boasts the number plate KDA 001A. The first of its kind.

Some Kenyans have questioned how the owner acquired the unique number plate. It is questionable whether Kenyans have exhausted the KC category yet as some people pointed out never seeing any KCZ vehicle around.

Well, the car owner did not acquire the number plate through the back door.

NTSA has a system where people can book future registration numbers at a higher fee than if the number plate series was rolling in the usual manner. NTSA also allows people to acquire current registration numbers for their old vehicles at a more advanced fee. This is why you will get an old car on the road with a new number plate and then wonder what games were played.

In all these, the biggest question has been who the owner of the vehicle is. Everyone is curious to know who will prioritize buying a luxurious at a time when everyone is being asked to stay at home. The car’s logbook which contains the owner’s details shows that one Geoffrey Andrew Mwiti, whom we know little about, decided to buy a Landcruiser during this quarantine time. He has managed to be the first to explore the KD- number plate line.

Already, the owner has been spotted on the road meaning he is eating life with a big spoon in these times of self-quarantining, isolation and maintaining safe social distancing.

Source: Ma3route

The new, luxurious, unique number-plated Landcruiser on Kenyan roads shows that not all are enduring hard times.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with buying a new car. This CORONA emergency disease doesn’t stop humanity from moving on nor does it make our needs, likes and wants equal. Live goes on and in different ways for all of us. I also think its breach of confidentiality to display the owner’s details publicly.

    • Flemming, of course it’s every bit his right to purchase the car. It just serves to show how resilient Kenyans are and how each one of us “anapambana na hali yake” in the best we know how.


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