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The World’s Most Sporting Universities

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There are several world-renowned universities in the USA and the UK, which can rightly be called the best universities in the world, where sports are actively promoted among students. Every year, competitions are held between some of these institutions, attracting millions of spectators.

There are also tournaments between the world’s sporting universities that are televised. For example, the world-famous boat race between Cambridge and Oxford is the pride of Britain. The first competition was held in 1829. The participants are students from educational institutions. Rowing is the most popular sport among Cambridge students.

Rowing at Harvard and Cambridge

Harvard College has a huge number of sports sections for students. These include volleyball, American and traditional football, ultimate frisbee, tennis, basketball, hockey, rowing, squash and softball. The university organises sports competitions in the listed disciplines every year.

In addition, Harvard College has many sports clubs for sports, which do not require exhausting training and a lot of time. These include badminton, archery, aikido, basketball, ballroom dancing, bowling, bodybuilding, cheerleading, boxing, fencing, cycling, karate, figure skating, table tennis, kung fu, wushu, regular tennis and taekwondo.

Cambridge has its own football team, which competes in high-level tournaments. You’re unlikely to find it on Betwinner for sports betting, but local fans idolise it as such. The university has its own weightlifting gyms. There are also stadiums for baseball, football, rugby, golf and basketball, as well as a tennis court.

Clubs and sports at Oxford and Yale

The University of Oxford has over 300 clubs and activities. There is also a choir and drama school. Popular sporting activities at Oxford include:

  • rugby
  • table tennis
  • fitness
  • football
  • cricket
  • chess
  • table tennis and lawn tennis
  • archery
  • rowing
  • swimming and many others.

Naturally, rowing is the main and most popular sport discipline at Oxford, because the best teams take part in the famous competition with Harvard students, which takes place on the Thames.

The social life of Yale students is represented by various sports events, as all the necessary conditions are created for this direction in the educational institution. Internal competitions are held in all sports disciplines at the university.

Yale has the following sections:

  • regular and hockey
  • gymnastics
  • cross-country
  • rowing
  • fencing
  • football
  • basketball
  • athletics
  • lacrosse
  • swimming
  • acrobatics
  • softball

In addition, the educational institution has squash and golf sections. Student teams participate not only in internal university competitions, but also in regional and even national sporting events. Yale student teams have won numerous championships in football and other sports. There is always a sports section in the students’ daily routine.

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