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The World’s Most Sporting Universities

There are several world-renowned universities in the USA and the UK, which can rightly be called the best universities in the world, where sports are actively promoted among students. Every year, competitions are held between some of these institutions, attracting millions of spectators. There are...

Universities & Colleges To Reopen in 2021

CS laments it is not safe to reopen universities and colleges due to poor compliance with health guidelines and rising Coronavirus cases

Emeritus Strategy For Reclaiming Public Service Credibility

An efficient and effective, public sector is vital to the successful implementation of policies, programmes and projects.

Often Ignored Actions that Can Provide a Job for Every Graduate

The graduate is a victim of an education system that glorifies acquisition of academic papers with no regard for their utility in the labour market.

This is how universities ended up with useless degree courses

The Commission for University Education (CUE) has recently scrapped a number of university courses citing various reasons. This move has elicited mixed reactions from students, parents, employers, job seekers and a plethora of other stakeholders. Students who had enrolled in the courses will have an...

List of degree courses rejected and the universities

The Commission for University Education (CUE) has rejected 133 courses offered in more than 20 Kenyan universities for being useless, shallow in scope, and unmarketable. This means that approximately 10,000 students absorbed in the various universities might be forced to discontinue the courses, and the...