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Rugby Legend Collins Injera’s Wealth Headed To One Billion Shilling Mark

Collins Injera, the former national rugby team Shujaa star, now 37 years, is among the richest sportsmen in Kenya.

The World’s Most Sporting Universities

There are several world-renowned universities in the USA and the UK, which can rightly be called the best universities in the world, where sports...

Two Rugby Players Get 15 years for Gang Raping Musician

The musician claimed she became pregnant from the ordeal, adding she went to Nairobi South Hospital for a medical test

Senior players return in bid to salvage Shujaa’s fortunes

Seven players will be returning to action for Shujaa at the Hong Kong and Singapore series in the World Sevens Rugby Series. The Hong...

Rugby team COMRAS receives kit sponsorship for new season

Community Rugby Association (COMRAS) has received kits sponsorship from Minet Kenya. The support has provided the Nationwide rugby club with kits for the new...

Bidco Africa expansion gathers momentum with Ksh70bn investment

Bidco Africa, the region’s leading edible oils manufacturer, has stepped up its assault on the African market with a $700 million (Ksh70 billion) investment...

Kenya rugby sevens team braced for tough battle in Las Vegas

Kenya’s rugby sevens team, Shujaa, are bracing themselves for a tough battle to improve their standings in the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)...

Kenyan sports journalist feted for classic rugby photo

Eric Njiru’s photo has been downloaded over 500 times by Getty Images clients and subscribers all over the world – including more than 100 from China

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Form 4 Leaver Who Makes Sh140,000 Monthly From Chapatis

Jepkoech, who started off with one packet of wheat flour a day, says she does a bundle per day, making Ksh4500 per day from chapatis alone. In addition, she sells tea and chips, which tops up her sales to Ksh5,500 per day, translating to about Ksh140,000 per month.

Perfectionism: Are You a Perfectionist?

Perfectionism can be defined as the propensity to think and believe that anything short of perfect is an abject failure while having concerns over mistakes and subjecting oneself to harsh and critical self-evaluations when the output fails to produce sought-after satisfaction and excellence. Am I a perfectionist?

Smart Doors: How You Can Control Access to Your House on Mobile

Many operators of Airbnb in Nairobi and other cities are using this technology to manage their clients access to accommodation and lodging facilities using smart doors and smart switches.

Fatal Accidents Report Reveals Most Dangerous Roads in Mombasa

The report, which spotlights roads with highest accident rates at the coast, offers chilling trends, including, among others, statistics that show significantly more men die in road accidents.

These Awards Prove Co-op Bank’s Positive Economic Impact

Co-op Bank Awards point to the fact that the bank is doing not only doing things right but also doing the right things for its customers and the industry.