Thanos Avengers Endgame
Marvel Cinematic Universe villain Thanos and the infinity gauntlet that is set to be a plot point in Avengers Endgame

Thanos snaps his fingers, and half of all the universe is wiped out.

If by now you have not watched last year’s Avengers Infinity War movie, then sorry for the spoiler above.

The moment that had movie fans gasping in horror during last year’s Marvel cinematic event has however now been escalated to grandeur heights, thanks to the efforts of Google.

In an Easter Egg that will have non-tech savvy heads (such as mine) scratching as to “how did they do that”, Google has recreated the wiping out of the universe by Thanos.

To celebrate the theatrical release of Avengers Endgame, — the Infinity War sequel — Google has made it to appear as if half of the results under the search term “Thanos” can disappear with a snap.

When one searches Thanos on the search engine platform on April 26, one gets the summarised information box, complete with a photo of Thanos, a short bio and an image of the so golden infinity gauntlet that carries the six infinity stones.

It is here that if you want to waste a bit of your time you can go ahead, as a click on the infinity gauntlet leads to a snap (along with that snappy sound).

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Then, it happens. The page takes over as if with a mind of its own. Indiscriminately, results start to disintegrate (again, with the sound).

Thanos Avengers Endgame
The Thanos snap wiping out half of the results on Google

And just to give it a final flourish, the results counter that usually records the total number of searches acquired reduces by half.

But, it does not end there. If you’re tired of looking at the results page which is only half populated, you can reverse the snap.

Clicking the infinity gauntlet a second time leads to the gauntlet flashing green, implying the use of the time stone.

With a glint of green, all the disintegrated results re-appear.

Thanos Avengers Endgame
Reversing the Thanos snap

This writer tried to find out whether truly the snap does indeed wipe out half of the Thanos Google search results. But no. Once you move to another page, the page refreshes and indicates all the results afresh.

It seems the Easter Egg only works on the first page of the results. But what an exciting one it is. And perhaps, with the use of the time stone, could it be a spoiler as to how Endgame will reverse the snap of Infinity War?

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