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Rubis CEO Jean-Christian Bergeron Under Siege For Hoarding Fuel

Rubis Energie Kenya Managing Director Jean-Christian Bergeron is set to be deported, following what the government has termed as economic sabotage by hoarding fuel. In Kenya, economic sabotage could lead to a jail term of up to 10 years or a fine of Ksh1 million,...

RUBiS Energy Launches Brioche, A Restaurant Franchise

RUBiS Energy Kenya has launched Brioche, a restaurant franchise as part of its retail and marketing strategy and supplement to its fuel business. Brioche is currently in five RUBiS branded stations (Ojijo, Boma, Karen, Langata and Thome) with more expected to be unveiled within the...

NSE Delists KenolKobil Following Takeover by French Firm

The takeover of KenoKobil placed Kenya as the 36th market in Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, where Rubis has operations

Suspended KenolKobil axed from NSE 20 & NSE 25 Share Index

The Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) has refueled the indices that monitor the bourse's top companies, striking out KenolKobil who are currently suspended from trading after a takeover deal became imminent. Kenya Airways (KQ) has flown in to replace KenolKobil on the NSE 25 Share Index,...

Rubis Energie concludes Sh36 billion KenolKobil takeover deal

French firm, Rubis Energie has successfully concluded its takeover of KenolKobil in a Ksh 36 billion transaction, making it the largest foreign direct investment deal in recent years. In the just-concluded transaction, Rubis received acceptances for shares that brings its stake in KenolKobil to 97.6%,...

KenolKobil to acquire up to 33 retail stations in Uganda, Rwanda

Board reveals it has been working on the transaction since February 2018 and is expected to conclude by end of March 2019