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Standard Group Kicks Out Senior Journalists In Game-Changing Lay-Off

After two or so months of dithering, the Standard Group media company has kicked off its restructuring exercise, with a number of senior journalists and other management staff expected to be pushed out. Among the biggest victims is the management staff segment, non-journalists employees – which has been clinically trimmed.

Bad News Calls: NMG Marks Employees to be Fired

NMG says it has put in place arrangements to provide the necessary support for exiting staff to manage this difficult transition.

Broke Mediamax Offers Sacked Employees Outrageous Payment Plan

The proposal has caused a stalemate between management and retrenched staff some of whom have declined to sign redundancy letters.

More Heads to Roll as Mediamax Unveils Fresh Layoff Exercise

Affected employees will be given one month's notice or alternatively paid one month' s salary in lieu of notice and severance pay at the rate of 15 days pay for each year of service

Why you’d rather resign than be retrenched

Gone are the days when employees worked under permanent and pensionable terms which were terminated on retirement. From the turn of the new century, market dynamics, aggressive competition and technological advancements are compelling organisations to continuously determine optimal staffing levels. Employees constantly put ears on...

SABC on verge of collapse, seeks to retrench journalists

Directors say the South African public service broadcaster had on Tuesday approached the labour arbitration agency to retrench 981 of its 3,370 staffers