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Supermarket Introduces Electric Bikes For Shopping Deliveries

The initiative is part of Carrefour Kenya’s agenda to increase the sustainability of its services and become net positive in carbon and water by 2040. The fleet will initially consist of female riders, promoting gender equality in the mobility industry.

Carrefour Enters Uganda, Raising Stakes in Retail

Located at the popular Oasis Mall, the store covers 2,800 square metres, catering to the evolving customer needs in Uganda.

In Christmas Offer, Naivas Shoppers to Get Sh30m Refund

Kenyans weighed down by a slow economy, with a strong expectation that the Christmas shopping will be dampened.

Digital Technology Turns Around Small Retailers Fortunes

Through POS, small retailers are able to monitor goods with the highest turnover to ascertain products contributing most to their revenues.

Boardroom Fallout Pushes Choppies Supermarket into a Financial Crisis

Choppies headquarters is said to have given up on Kenya after unsuccessfully trying to influence local management and drive strategy.

Tuskys big sale off to a booming start

Retail chain is offering up to 50% discount to attract customers to its shops as competition tightens